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My Style Goals 2023

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Beverly Chang
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We’ve all started setting resolutions and goals for 2023. And for Style Space, we want to be the most accessible and affordable resource to help you to reach your personal style goals this year!
Here are some style goals we have heard from our clients:
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  1. “Have a curated closet full of clothes that I love” - Get rid of clothing items that don’t suit me anymore” - Spring cleaning may not be the first thing on your mind right now, but editing and curating our closet is a step we need to take to get us away from feeling like we have nothing to wear. Here is our guide to editing your closet.
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  1. “Dress for my lifestyle aspirations and career goals” - We know that the clothes we wear make a subtle difference in how we think, feel and behave. So what you wear is part of your intention-setting ritual every morning when you get dressed. Our stylists have helped women from all walks of life achieve their style confidence so they can show up for themselves, their family, and their careers. Take our style session quiz to help you find the right style session for you.
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  1. “Dress more sustainably, shop vintage, and repurpose/tailor my clothing” - fast fashion or keeping up with the latest trends is not ideal, but you can still be stylish by mixing vintage and contemporary pieces together. Our stylists are well-versed in fashion genres and will help you style outfits that best suit you. We can also help you repurpose and find ways to tailor current clothes to extend the life of your garments.
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  1. “Define my style” - it is easier to figure out what your style is when you are not shopping. We get really distracted by the overwhelming selection of trends, colors, silhouettes, and textures. So for us, styling begins with identifying what our “tastes” are.
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  1. “Find my style body type, love it, and rock it” - there is power in dressing for your body type. It can affect how proportional you look or what part of your outfit you want to draw attention to. But how do we know what looks good on your body type? And what is your body type? Click here to read about finding your body type. And then find out what clothing shapes best suit you if you are an apple, pear, rectangle, inverted triangle, or hourglass body type. Another valuable trick to finding a great fit is visiting a trusted tailor who can alter any design and make a basic dress have a WOW factor fit.
Whatever your style goals are this year, Style Space stylists are here to help you reach them and find your style confidence. Here’s to a happy and stylish 2023!
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