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Become a Stylist

Join a community of style experts and share your passion with the world. Create Online Style Sessions that transform the way people connect with style.
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A world of possibilities

Connect with clients globally through online, one-on-one virtual style sessions.

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Build your business

Build client relationships and your company with the support of Style Space.

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Empower clients

Empower people to look, feel, and BE their best.


What we look for

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At Style Space, you’ll find expert stylists who are passionate about helping people discover their individual style. Stylists help clients make informed style decisions saving them time, money, and effort. They genuinely care about their relationships with clients and help them achieve their personal style goals. We look for talented, experienced stylists who can connect with the diverse style needs of the Style Space community.

What we offer

Style Space helps you connect with clients from all around the world from the convenience of your home or workspace. You’ll get to make your schedule and design an experience for clients that showcases your skills and talents. The sky's the limit to what you can offer and who you can style!

We help you manage booking, payments and connect you directly with clients. Our goal is to simplify your work, expand your reach and let you focus on what you do best. Additionally, we offer constant support, guidance, educational tools and opportunities to help you grow as a stylist and entrepreneur.
We offer styling services in the following categories for men and women:
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Clothing Styling

Help clients dress for their body type and discover their signature look for any season in life.

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Hair Styling

Advise clients on the best haircuts, coach them on new hairstyles for any occasion.

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Makeup and Skincare

Give tailored makeup and skin care advice and help clients master makeup looks.

How it Works

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1. Stylist application

Start by answering some basic questions about your areas of style expertise such as: How many years of experience you have, any certifications, awards or degrees you have in your field, and any other value you can offer as a stylist. A committee will review your style application and notify you if you are a good fit at Style Space.
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2. Complete your portfolio

Once your submission has been approved, you will be asked to fill out your style portfolio. Future clients will learn about your style before booking a session with you, so make sure it shines. In your style portfolio, submit photos of your current or past work, your style aesthetic and your approach to style.
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3. Create a style session

After your application has been approved, create and submit an idea for a style session you plan to offer. Style sessions generally last between 30-90 minutes, and can range from $30-$150+ for a one-on-one session on a video call. Style sessions need to be adapted for an online video setting.
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4. We connect you to clients. Start Styling

After your style session has been submitted, clients from all around the world can book your style session. Be sure to host from an inviting space with good lighting and camera angels that help best communicate your ideas and professionalism. We will help manage scheduling, payment and other services to allow you to do what you love most.

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