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What is my Body Type?

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Beverly Chang
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Every body type is unique and beautiful, and each can be styled well.

Firstly, we understand that for some people, getting measured or labeling your body type can cause anxiety. But we’re here to tell you that, no matter what body type you lean towards, it doesn’t define you. This is merely a way of understanding our bodies so that we can dress to better express ourselves.
Clothes become a creative outward expression of our inner selves.”
Please, don’t feel like you’re trapping yourself into one way to dress. The wonderful thing about knowing your body type is that you absolutely can dress to appear to be any body type! You could be an hourglass one day and then a triangle the next. And all it takes is a little knowledge; like knowing how a garment drapes or is structured, how to create an illusion of the eyes, etc. Our Style Space stylists can teach you all this! So have fun with it!
Have you ever…
Have you ever been scrolling online and came across a new item of clothing and thought, “hmm, I wonder if that would look good on me?” Did you know, that just by knowing your body type, you and your stylist can greatly understand your best silhouettes, and how to create focal points on any outfit? These proportion rules apply to every body type and size whether you are a size 2 or 20!
Grab your measuring tape!
You first need to take your body measurements to determine your body shape. How the measurement numbers relate to each other will determine your body type. Take your measuring tape, measure your torso in these 4 positions, and record your measurements.
notion image
Now, that you have your measurements, let’s take a look at how each relates to each other, and then find out which body type you align closest to.
notion image

Congrats you have found your body type!

Now, click on your body type to find out how best to dress your silhouette!
If you’re still unsure about your body type, don’t worry! Our stylist Erika can not only help you discover your body type but also teach you how best to dress your body type and help you make informed decisions the next time you’re clothes shopping.
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